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ACE YOUTHQUAKE MEDIA™ is an Incorporated Didital Media Company that serves a Motivational and Inspirational Arsenal to Youths on Morals/Values Education through Oratory and Motion Pictures.


We inspire young people to love and be loved, to break free from the quick-sand of timidity/mediocrity, to yearn for a serene marital and family life and make a positive impact in the world of their contemporary era.


Most of the major cataclysms facing today’s youth defies ethnic, religious or racial impetus. These catastrophic challenges include but not limited to: Emotional and Identity Crisis, Impaired Self Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Hopelessness, Moral Destitution and Mediocrity.

Virtually everything that the youth accepts to be true today... nearly everything that is socially attractive and alluring to the youth is anomalous to simple moral standards and decency. Example, “Success” to the 21st century youth can only mean “STUPENDOUS ACCUMULATION OF MONEY AND MATERIAL WEALTH” whether gotten by hook or by crook. “Love” means sex and/or sexually inclined relationship(s). “Happiness” means having more than the next person and wearing the latest fashion jeans and driving the best of cars. Leadership, in the eyes of most young people only means holding a political office or being a ruler/boss. And the list is endless. You don’t want to be told the youth’s perception and approach to basic societal issues like MARRIAGE, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and the likes.

These trends and more accounts for a good percentage of contemporary social disequilibrium evident in today’s societies, and if unchecked, would not only spell doom but would be catastrophic to even generations yet unborn. HEROES SQUARE therefore is on a mission to serve as a Motivational and Inspirational hub for young people as well as a Social Development CATALYST by passionately and positively altering the Values, Tastes and Mores of Young People, through ORATORY & Motion Pictures.

We believe it’s time for the youth to wake up from her slumber, outgrow her wishful thinking and decide how she must live her life for her benefit and for the development of her immediate environment. We also believe so much in the innate ability of young people to do more than daydream. Joins Us in this business of outlining the demeanor of the human race through Leadership by Example.